Hydrophobia out now on Xbox LIVE Arcade
Date: Thursday, September 30 @ 05:50:05 UTC
Topic: Xbox 360

Powered by the revolutionary HydroEngine – the world’s first true fluid dynamics engine for games – Hydrophobia is now available to download from the Xbox LIVE Arcade. Hydrophobia weighs in at 1 GB, will cost you 1200 MS Points, and is available in all Xbox LIVE regions.

Content: Hydrophobia
Price: 1200 Microsoft Points
Availability: All Xbox LIVE Regions
Dash Text: Hydrophobia™ is an experience unlike anything you have played before. This jaw dropping technology models flowing water which behaves completely realistically, resulting in the most dynamic and dramatic gameplay you’ve ever seen. Engage in mind blowing “flow combat” where emergent gameplay results in a never-the-same-twice experience. Unleash floating oil fires, electricity and the power of the water itself to wipe out your enemy as you discover the terrifying truth of the Malthusian agenda; Save the World, Kill Yourself.

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