ArcaniA: Gothic 4 DEMO now available on Xbox LIVE Marketplace
Date: Monday, September 27 @ 00:23:08 UTC
Topic: Xbox 360

A new DEMO for Arcania: Gothic 4 is now available to download from the Xbox LIVE Marketplace. Weighing in at 872 MB, the new Arcania: Gothic 4 Demo is available in All Xbox LIVE regions except Asia and Mexico.

Arcania has been designed specifically to appeal to role-playing game fans in North America where, historically, gothic games have never been very successful.

Content: ArcaniA - Gothic 4
Price: Free
Availability: Not available in Asia and Mexico
Dash Text: ArcaniA - Gothic 4 continues the successful "Gothic" RPG-Series. Ten years have passed since the end of Gothic 3 and the world has changed - the Southern Islands have become embroiled in a grueling conflict, and set the stage for the player to brave countless adventures in the guise of a nameless hero. In a vibrant and elaborate environment, decisions will have to be made which will change not only the future of the Southern Islands, but of the entire world.

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File Size: 872 MB
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