Hddhackr V1.24, a tool to use WDD HDDs in Xbox 360
Date: Tuesday, September 21 @ 23:01:28 UTC
Topic: Xbox 360

Team MODFREAKz have released an updated version of HDDHackr, a tool that allows you to use some Western Digital laptop HDDs as Xbox 360 HDD.

What's new/fixed:
* Fixed issue with LBA 28/48-bit address comparison
* Confirmed HddHacker supports hard drives manufactured 2010
- WD Scorpio Blue Series BPVT
- WD AV-25 Series BUDT

Q. I heard lot of people having problems with the new 2010 models. Does it matter wich moddel I have?
A. The 2010 drive are the same, lots of people have hacked them perfectly. 99% of problems appear to be SATA chipset or BIOS configuration.

360-Hq Download: here
360-Hq Homebrew Database: HDDHackr for Xbox 360

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