Busting Bad Company 2's Biggest Myths
Date: Wednesday, September 15 @ 04:34:34 UTC
Topic: Xbox 360

The following series of videos are based on Discovery Channel's Mythbusters. Use these brief documentaries to better your skills, expand your knowledge, and win debates about what absurd things are doable or not.

Man, what are you talking about? You can't kill chopper pilots with pistols. That's just crazy ta--oh, wait. Yeah, you can do that. And here's the video evidence to prove it.

I've debated the logistics of Battlefield: Bad Company 2's mechanics for longer than I care to share. I've shared anecdotes of absurd situations with friends who immediately said I was lying. I've questioned the legitimacy of their claims, too -- yeah, you killed a chopper using a repair tool like I saw Bigfoot flying a UFO.

The hardcore folks running the PC Industries YouTube channel cooked up a great idea to solve these Bad Company controvercies once and for all: a Battlefield-based video series based on Discovery Channel's Mythbusters.

This ongoing quest for the truth plainly solves the biggest conflicts in the Bad Company community by capturing the result on video. For example, many speculated you can flip tanks using the UAV. These guys got the definitive answer -- no, you definitely can't lift tanks.

The best part of these mini documentaries? You'll learn, and you can use this knowledge to become a better player.

If you've ever wondered whether or not you can repair a chopper from the inside, how to untag yourself after a sniper spots you, or if your UAV can kamikaze-kill a helicopter, check the videos below for the answers.

If you are on the HQ Homepage be sure to click the link to view all three (3) videos.

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