XM360 v1.9b Updated
Date: Monday, September 13 @ 11:05:07 UTC
Topic: Xbox 360

Team XeDev have released a new version of XM360. XM360 is a tool that allows you to organize, scan and unlock XBLA and DLC content using your Homebrew enabled Xbox 360 Console.

What's new/fixed (since v1.8d):
- Fixed mass ftp transfers freezing
- Fixed size display of GOD titles
- Added ability to push GOD titles
- Added ability to delete LOCAL and REMOTE GOD titles
- Fixed DLC scene being off by 1 pixel
- Fixed Game Saves scene being off by 1 pixel
- Added display of path to bottom of game saves scene
- Fixed gamesave dates in server (sometimes read wrong date)
- Added auto-update from server (previous only handled xm360.xex, now will fetch media directory as well)
- Fixed sync buttons for GOD content (v1.9a)
- Fixed percentage display when transfering GOD containers (v1.9a)
- Fixed ftp dir listing file timestamps (v1.9a)
- Fixed server for UsbMu0 and UsbMu1 (v1.9b)
- Removed some debugging output from the server when updating XBLA (v1.9b)

360-Hq Homebrew Database: XM360 v1.9b
Official Site: http://xedev.xbins.org

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