RarTo360 v2.4 Release for Xbox 360 Homebrew
Date: Monday, September 13 @ 11:04:41 UTC
Topic: Xbox 360

ILLusions0fGrander has just released RarTo360, an ExISO.exe GUI front end that allows you to extract 360 games from RAR or ISO to 360 via FTP.

1. Extract a 360 game either from Rar Archive then ISO, or just ISO, over to a jtagged xbox 360 running FTP (xexmenu/FSD)
2. Renames $SystemUpdate folder to $NoUpdate (no easy way to delete it altogether via FTP without adding more code - maybe on future release)

!! Warning: Directory can only containt ONE rar archive set or ONE iso !!
To use, edit settings.conf, run RarTo360.jar, enter game name, select Rar/ISO directory, click Start button.

v2: Created Gui
v2.1: bugfixes, thanks 1hotjob
V2.2 fixes: IP address bug, folder location with space bug, ftp log file bug.
v2.4 more fixes + features: rar vs iso selection for hand picking games, more bat file fixes.

360-Hq Homebrew Database: RarTo360 v2.4
360-Hq Download: here

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