Logic-Sunrise Announce 1080p Arcade Emulator for homebrew 360
Date: Tuesday, April 27 @ 03:22:11 UTC
Topic: Xbox 360

Artik from Logic-Sunrise has recently announced a new 1080p Arcade Emulator for homebrew enabled Xbox 360 consoles.

With a secret coder (his name will be featured later), we decided to work on FBAnext, the NExtGen version of Final Burn Alpha emulator. I had many goals when I thought about FBAnext : Emulate 100% speed with sound at 60FPS in 1080P graphic filtered these systems :
- Neo-Geo
- CP System I
- CP System II
- CP System III
- Sega
- Taito

Progress is excellent, we play Neo-Geo, CPS I and II, Sega and Taito games in 60FPS, 1080p graphics and filters enabled (HQ3X for the moment). The sound is emulated as 100%. CPS III will be tested tonight. I will move with the interface screenshots Xbox 360 and a video soon. There is still no GUI, it's the next step.

We also wish to help the world of emulators on the Xbox 360. the few emulators do not support 1080P, graphic filters, etc.. Therefore, we suggest downloading the sources when they will be available, to help other developers to code optimized emulators on Xbox 360.

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