Ubisoft introduce Splinter Cell Match; track stats, matchmaking
Date: Wednesday, April 14 @ 02:08:44 UTC
Topic: Xbox 360

With Splinter Cell: Conviction launching across North America today and with a European release at the end of the week, Ubisoft have introduced a new service for the title entitled Splinter Cell Match.

Available at www.splintercell.com/match, this new service allows you to track your gaming stats including Mission Progress, Challenge progression, Achievements, Session Logs and Leaderboards, as well as allowing you to compare these directly with other players. You will need an Ubisoft account that it tied to your Gamertag though, but surely that will be no hassle!

Alongside this, you are also able to use the site to matchmake yourself with a partner allowing you not only to make new friends, but meet other people based on a number of parameters that you set and your current stats. Such parameters include age, location, whether you want to use voice chat, what days you usually play on and at what time, meaning that the site is able to search for people that best suit your set criteria. There are also a few humorous questions in regards to what you would do if your phone rang in the middle of a boss fight.

Its certainly a nice addition that will help to expand the Splinter Cell: Conviction experience from that solely of the main game, so head on over and check it out!

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Official Site: www.splintercell.com/match
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