Samsung's Graphics Memory Powers Xbox 360
Date: Wednesday, November 30 @ 07:55:18 UTC
Topic: Xbox 360

Samsung Electronics said today it is providing the majority of graphics memory for the launch phase of Microsoft Corporation's state-of-the-art Xbox 360 multimedia console.

Running at 700 MHz, the Samsung 512megabit (16Mbx32) GDDR3 will transmit data at 5.6GBps (gigabytes per second) per chip -- 3.5 times faster than the memory used in the first Xbox -- enabling real-time generation of near-cinematic animation in games. At a system level, the 512Mb density will allow the Xbox 360 to provide eight times the capacity of the first Xbox to store highly detailed textures that depict more life-like images. The higher transmission speed and additional capacity also will accommodate expanded image processing needs anticipated for storing electronically-formatted photographs, movies, music videos and other compressed video files.

"We're very pleased that Samsung has been able to provide us with a majority of the graphics memory needed during the Xbox 360's ramp-up stage. GDDR3 is a critical factor in enabling us to provide the best overall gaming and entertainment experience," said Greg Gibson, director of Console Development, Microsoft.
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