Xored ETM Engine 2.1
Date: Tuesday, November 29 @ 14:34:09 UTC
Topic: Xbox Trainers

' Team Xored released a new Xored ETM Engine Launcher. '

Rapidshare Link: here
What's new/fixed:
* Improved kernel patch routine (also attempts to unhook Evox TSR)

* Play_Mod_File no longer get sets to TRUE if no soundtracks are found
* New partition handling and xbe launching routines
* Fixed problem with DVD swaping not being detected
* Launcher now runs at screen resolution 720x480 for nicer looking skins
* Added Skip_Intro (you must watch it once before this will work)
* 6 sided cube in intro now skinnable (good if you have children)

What is Xored?
It allows to easily apply .ETM-trainers (EvolutionX Trainer Modules - small trainer files that can be legally distributed) on Xbox games from any Xbox dashboard (it's standalone).

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