XboxMediaCenter (XBMC) 2005-11-27 CVS T3CH build
Date: Tuesday, November 29 @ 09:19:19 UTC
Topic: Xbox Dashboard

T3CH released a new CVS compile of XboxMediaCenter.
This T3CH-compile is a BAREBONE package (with just a few thirdparty scripts and with just the default skin) compiled with XDK v5849.

Here's the added/updated stuff from the full changelog since the 2005-11-21 CVS release:
* added: support for multipath bookmarks in video and pictures. its still very much experimental. use at your own risk.
* added: manual overriding of destination path when ripping cds without cddb.
* added: two new virtual directories for use in bookmarks: $MUSICPLAYLISTS, $VIDEOPLAYLISTS.
* added: tag to MultiImage control.
* added: Skin.HasTheme(themename) visibility condition.
* added: and tags to the multiimage control.
* updated: [ 1365798 ] Updated KAI-Vectors, thx to flymaster!


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