WePlayHere lives!
Date: Monday, November 28 @ 08:00:29 UTC
Topic: Xbox Gaming

We are pleased to announce the official re-launch of WePlayHere.net, XLink's official competitive gaming system! Although registration opened earlier this week, competitions were disabled to allow us time to test the site with the mass amount of users that joined in just a few days. Now its time to play!!!

Competitions are set up for XBox and PS2 at this time, but we have a process in place to add a competition to any console we support simply by access the forum and requesting it. If your peers on that console agree that the addition would be joy and competition to the game, it will be added!

Special thanks:

I would like to take this time to thank those who made this all possible. The Crew of Team XLink for all of their hard work, the Crew of WePlayHere for the countless hours of work to bring back competitions to our community, the Community for all of their patience and support over time. And to the Titan Core team who worked with us step by step to ensure this competition site is 100%. Thank you all, and enjoy the games.
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