Error When Trying to Play Halo 2 on Your Xbox 360?
Date: Sunday, November 27 @ 09:08:43 UTC
Topic: Xbox 360

It appears that many people are getting an error when trying to play Halo 2 over Xbox Live on the Xbox 360. The message that is popping up states that Xbox Live has an important message for you. Luckily, there seems to be an easy way to resolve this one by adjusting your family settings. Here is what MI-006 had to say:

If you have been recieving that Halo 2 error message about Xbox Live having an important message for you, then going to account setup. You need to go to family settings and change the live setting to allow xbox games. This worked for me after messing around for like an hour until I found it.

If you have been receiving this error, let us know if this resolves the problem!

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