First Xbox360 Game Pirated? (Obviously Unconfirmed)
Date: Sunday, November 27 @ 09:03:41 UTC
Topic: Xbox 360

' It seems that it has taken those crazy software pirates only 1 day to rip the data off an Xbox360 Disc. According to an nfo file found by us on the web, the game Call Of Duty 2 has been released in .iso form. '
We are posting this as a rumor for now as there is no way to confirm is this indeed works without some sort of mod or maybe a dev kit. Check it out for yourself.

Heres a snipper from the nfo:
Presents ......: CALL-OF-DUTY-2
Company .......: Activision

Origin ........: NTSC Format ...........: *.ISO Image
System ........: Microsoft XBOX-360 # of Files .......: 103x 50MB

Released ......: november 24th, 2005 Filename .........:

Game info

The sequel to Infinity Ward's 2003 Game of the Year, Call of Duty® 2 returns
to deliver an unparalleled re-creation of the camaraderie, chaos and cinematic
intensity of World War II through stunningly detailed graphics, realistic
character animations and explosive on-screen action, powered by an all-new
proprietary game engine.

Experience the most realistic squad combat and explosive action, brought to
life by a context-sensitive dynamic battle chatter system, unparalleled smoke
effects, adding non-linear gameplay, open mission objectives and the most
alert A.I. ever.

Release NFO:

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