Xbox 360 Premium Needed!
Date: Tuesday, November 22 @ 19:01:43 UTC
Topic: Xbox 360

' This News topic is to let everyone know that XBOX-HQ.COM is in desperate need of a NTSC XBOX 360 Premium Console '
Personally i want to get one myself anyway but i have committed both sites to advertising the latest xbox 360 titles and therefore i have to also review the games..

The reason why i have committed myself to this is so the both sites can hold their own with hosting costs, domain costs etc etc..

If i cant review the games as i have agreed to, our site will make no money from advertising and you maybe see the vip prices will have to be increased dramatically or even the site removed once the bills become excessive..

Until recently i have paid for every single MB this site has used apart from what the VIP Membership (it does help) helps with but i can NOT afford it any longer..

If you think you can help organising a 360 for reviews on the site please contact me directly..

Dont take this news story out of context.. It just very hard to keep a hobby site online when we use so much bandwidth etc etc and now intend on having 360 information available too.
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