Xbox 360 begins Australian countdown
Date: Tuesday, November 22 @ 09:33:15 UTC
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Microsoft have announced the price and date for the Xbox 360 in Australia ! The Xbox 360 was recently released in the United States while for months Australian's around the nation have been pondering on when the console will reach our shores.

Aussiexbox has attended an official Xbox 360 Launch Party in Sydney tonight and got to go hands on with the Xbox 360 . The major news was revealed at this event , they announced that the console will be unleashed in Australia on the 2nd of March 2006 at the price of $499.95 for the Core and $649.95 for the premium . 99 more sleeps !

Here is the Official press release :

Xbox 360 begins Australian countdown

The most powerful console ever will go on sale in Australia on March 2, 2006

Sydney November 22, 2005 - It’s only ninety-nine sleeps until Australians can get their hands on the world’s most powerful games console, the Xbox 360.

Microsoft today announced that two versions of the console will go on sale from 12:01am on March 2nd, 2006. Consumers will be able to choose from the Xbox 360 at RRP*$649.95 and the Xbox 360 Core System at RRP*$499.95.

"Amazingly realistic gaming experiences are now almost within reach," said David McLean, Regional Director, Xbox.

"Xbox 360 ushers in a whole new generation of gaming. Game characters and environments are just like the real world or as fantastic as the imagination can dream up. The Australian lounge room has not seen richer or more detailed games."

Xbox 360 is the first console that lets gamers enjoy the freedom of wireless gaming, as standard. The Xbox 360 offer will include the console, 20GB hard drive, media remote, wireless controller, component high-definition cable and Ethernet cable. Xbox 360 Core System delivers the same powerful gaming as Xbox 360, but starts with the basics and lets you expand at your own pace. The Xbox Core system includes the console, composite AV cable and wired controller.

Both packages come with a complimentary Silver subscription to the world’s leading online gaming service Xbox Live, which provides gamers new ways to compete and hone their skills.

There are currently more than 200 games being developed for the Xbox 360, with 18 titles now launched in the United States and other markets. A full list of titles available on Australian launch will be available in 2006.

A wide range of Xbox 360 accessories will be available on launch. The current list includes:

· Wireless (RRP*$79.95) and wired (RRP*$59.95) controllers

· Play charge cable (RRP*$34.95)

· Rechargeable battery pack and cradle (RRP*$49.95)

· Battery pack (RRP*$19.95)

· 20Gb hard drive (RRP*$169.95)

· 64MB Memory unit (RRP*$49.95)

· Wireless networking adaptor (RRP*$169.95)

· VGA cable (RRP*$49.95)

· Advanced AV pack (RRP*$39.95)

· High Definition AV pack (RRP*$49.95)

· Headset (RRP*$49.95)

· Faceplate (RRP*$29.95)

· Universal Media Remote (RRP*$49.95)

Xbox 360 consoles, games and accessories will be available from leading retail outlets.


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