Mimesis v2.0 Progress Report and Video
Date: Friday, November 18 @ 11:42:34 UTC
Topic: Xbox Homebrew

Thats right, I was actually able to get some work done on Mimesis this weekend and boy did I take advantage of it!

I got a huge amount of code written and the app is shapping up. Like I said in the last update, it is not far from being done... it just needed to be all pulled together and polished. Well I did a lot of that polishing this weekend.
This week I am taking a break from the other things that have been keeping me busy and am going to work on Mimesis only. It is my goal to have it out before the 360, so wish us luck!
Here is the video:

I am asking that anyone who may be interested in working on it and has the time to do so, contact me on the forums (angrycamel). Serious inquiries only, please (as in you need to know C++ and have experience writting xbox applications). I have even considered making the whole project open source, just to prevent it from dying on the vine per say, but thats up in the air. Like I said, there is not much left to be done, so if you know C++ and want to help out, let me know and I can work with you on getting setup.

Don't forget to make your donations before the time is up for the iPod contest! We will be doing the drawing two days after the release. As you can see... that is VERY close, so don't get caught by suprise and miss your chance at a Video iPod!

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