GelTabz Announces Performance Thumb Grips
Date: Thursday, November 17 @ 09:20:56 UTC
Topic: Xbox 360

GelTabz, Inc. is pleased to announce its performance thumb grips for Microsoft Xbox, Sony PlayStation, and the upcoming Xbox 360. Made specifically to fit each console’s controller, GelTabz promises ultimate control and comfort for serious console gamers.

"After countless marathon gaming sessions, we realized that the analog sticks found on videogame controllers need to be improved,” said Jason Bailey, CEO of GelTabz. “Any hardcore gamer will tell you the analog sticks are difficult to keep a grip on during intense battles, especially when sweat builds up, and definitely could be more comfortable. We created a product that specifically addresses these issues. Plus it is fun to customize your controller – GelTabz makes it look a lot cooler."

Made from a soft silicone engineered for comfort and longevity, GelTabz’s performance grips ensure that thumbs stay put and don’t get sore. The patented design is a snap to apply and conforms perfectly to the top of the analog stick. Playing games with a “stock” controller is now a thing of the past – gamers now need to customize with GelTabz to step up their game.

"GelTabz brought us their idea and we asked a few hardcore gamers to take a look and test them. The results were basically off the chart. We got responses that ranged from 'this really works!' and 'this is just what the dedicated gamer will want for their controller' to 'the controller manufacturers should all be offering these'," said Randy Van Gelder founder of Team Compete. "We loved the simple but very effective devices and won’t play without them. It offers a measured difference in long term galmeplay.”

GelTabz come in packages of two and retail for $5.99. They are available for PlayStation, Xbox, and Xbox 360. Order online today at


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