Differences in the 360 motherboards already noticed.
Date: Thursday, November 17 @ 09:05:13 UTC
Topic: Xbox 360

Dear all, today anandtech posted an excellent disassembly guide of the Xbox 360 and hardware analysis, while a Xbox-Scene member posted picture of his own also. read more..

You can find anandtech disassembly guide here.

They did an excellent work and it's full of quality comments and nice pictures. Really worth the read.

Later today a forum user of Xbox-Scene.com posted picture of his own X360 on his blog, you can find it here.

By checking some picture side by side we noticed differents packages used for some chips already, it should be related to an IC shortage in production as we know Microsoft should be producing a very large quantity of those past weeks ;)
Hopefully it's not already some differents revisions.

We also read that the TSOP flash is a HYNIX HY27US08281A. While Xbox-scene said that this could be the storage device of the dashboard and the kernel should be stored in/on/onto the processor.
We believe that some page are definitely for Dashboard, while at least one or more should be dedicated to an encrypted kernel, we strongly believe (have to be proven) that the CPU may hold data, but probably Public Key only and some Unique Data. (eFuse ?)

Stay tuned we will post more as soon as we get our hands on the other one ;)

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