The A to Z’s on Xbox 360
Date: Thursday, November 17 @ 07:56:05 UTC
Topic: Xbox 360

' After months of hype and speculation, the new Xbox 360 finally will go on sale Tuesday in North America. '
Until the last month or two, reliable information on Microsoft’s new video game console has been hard to come by. There are still some details about the 360 that Microsoft still hasn’t divulged.

But there’s one thing you can safely say: There’s more to the new Xbox than just video games.

Sure, Microsoft is serious about stealing market share from rival Sony, which plans to launch its PlayStation 3 next year. But the software giant has even grander ambitions; Vice President J Allard talks about the Xbox 360 becoming the center of the living room.

After all, the new machine also will play DVDs, straight out of the box. The 360 also is equipped for high-definition TV with sharper, more lifelike images in their games. The hard drive will store music and photos, and it’ll be able to stream songs from MP3 players and connect with PCs running Windows Media Center Edition.
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