Contest Winner Are Getting Their Xbox360s
Date: Wednesday, November 16 @ 04:08:14 UTC
Topic: Xbox 360

While the press started getting their Xbox 360 from Microsoft last week already (FileFront has a video of unpacking their Xbox 360 Premium box here), It looks like the winners of the Canadian 'BeFirstToPlay' contest (by Doritos and Pepsi) are getting their prizes as of today. The winners of the US 'Every10Minutes' (by Mountain Dew (owned by Pepsi)) should get their 360 by saturday, although some rumors say there might be delays here.

Several of our canadian visitors posted images of their prize on our forums. Here are some pictures from steblublu( and Spudz.

More Pictures: here is also reporting (and steblublu confirms this info on his blog) that these winners can not go on LIVE yet with their new Xbox 360. The Xbox Live service is disabled until November 22 for Xbox 360 gamers.

Note that the pictures also confirm the final Xbox 360 package will have that huge black A/C adapter.
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