Europe and Japan Get Smaller Backward Compatibility List
Date: Tuesday, November 15 @ 03:46:41 UTC
Topic: Xbox 360

While Microsoft announced the Xbox 360 Backward Compatibility List last friday with 212 titles, it now looks like this list is only for North-American (NTSC/U) gamers. Apparently gamers at the other side of the ocean in Europe (PAL) will get around 160 games compatible games at launch, which is still a pretty strong number. But the real unlucky ones are in Japan (NSTC/J) with just 12 games compatible at launch. Agreed, Japan certainly did not have as many games released and sold (with less than 500k consoles sold in total) as in North-America and Europe, but 12 titles is really low.

Even more if you consider the 'TOP' Japanese titles like tecmo's 'Dead or Alive 3' or 'Dead or Alive: Ultimate' and Sega's 'Panzer Dragoon Orta' or 'Jet Set Radio Future' are not even on the list. And they count 'Halo 2' and 'Halo 2 Map Pack' as 2 titles, so it's more like 11 games.

The Japanese also includes some 'remarks' next to the translated Q&A interview with Todd Holmdahl informing us Japanese gamers will get the CD with those emulation software updates sent to them for free. In Europe and USA/CAN you can download it free from Xbox LIVE or download the update on your PC and burn it yourself but if you want the CD sent to you you'll have to pay a 'nominal shipping and handling fee'.

Of course, as for all regions, Microsoft said more titles will be added to the backward compatibility list in the near future. You can see the full list of PAL (Europe) backward compatible titles here. The NTSC/J (Japan) list is available here.
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