XboxMediaCenter (XBMC) 2005-11-14 CVS T3CH build
Date: Tuesday, November 15 @ 03:39:24 UTC
Topic: Xbox Media Player

' T3CH released a new CVS compile of XboxMediaCenter '
This T3CH-compile is a BAREBONE package (with just a few thirdparty scripts and with just the default skin) compiled with XDK v5849.

Here's the full changelog since the 2005-11-07 CVS release:
* added: Controller Rumble (controller vibration)! On menu action controller will Rumble! Rumble On/Off and Rumble sensitivity can set over: Appearance - Look and Feel - Rumble Controller!
* added: rename in Context menu Music/Pictures/Video The renameing is in condition with delete function in the context menu! Settings description changed to "Allow File Renaming and Deletion"
* changed: new spc codec for paplayer. uses snesapu.dll (same core as snesamp).
* fixed: (I hope it is fixed, haven't been able to test it) dvds start to stutter at the end of a movie when played with dvdplayer
* fixed: when detectasiso was set to yes, most dvd's where not playable anymore with the dvdplayer (crash or back to menu)
* fixed: My Music Library would highlight the wrong album on previous dir if there were multiple albums of the same name (aka Greatest Hits)
* fixed: My Music could get stuck in the Now Playing window

* fixed: My Movies "Query Info For All Files" now looks for "stackedname.nfo" like "Movie Information"
* fixed: httpapi - called via ASP would include inappropriate web header
* fixed: more gracious handling of a missing alternate subtitle directory.

Keep in mind this is a CVS snapshot of the current development tree. It's not a official (stable) point release. Use only if you know what you are doing.
You can add more scripts and skins yourself if desired. You can download them from, and
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