Xored ETM Engine v2.0
Date: Wednesday, November 16 @ 03:38:47 UTC
Topic: Xbox Trainers

' Team Xored released a new version of the Xored ETM Engine(info) (ETM= EvolutionX(info) Trainer Modules - small trainer files that can be legally distributed) '
From readme/nfo:
* Help screen (left Thumb to toggle)
* Check_Usable ini option (only show trainers for games you have)
* IGK combo to reload dashboard from launcher (back + black)
* DVD gfx displayed on screen when a title is initialized in tray
* SoundTrack support (Plays soundtracks from hdd saved w/ stock dash) (default defined in ini and random play available)
* MOD, XMs, S3M File playback

* Previous position remembered when stepping backwards through scenes
* Full Skining Support (see included examples)
* GamePad B button added for scene backwards
* Launch title without trainer
* Multiple Game_Path's (20 max)
* Support for next generation trainer format "xbtf"
* X3/SmartXX(info)/Aladin4 LCD Support enbable / disable in ini file
* Debug.log file to help track down problems
* Delete trainers from hdd (IGK)

* New scene order: (Games -> Trainers -> Trainer Options -> Launch)

* Kernel patch routine should handle soft boots better now (IGR)
* Launcher misbehaving if no gamepads are plugged in on start up
* Ini parsing buggie
* Launcher should initialize faster now
Official Site: http://forums.maxconsole.net

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