BestBuy Store Xbox360 Unit Allocation Numbers
Date: Monday, November 14 @ 08:58:16 UTC
Topic: Xbox 360

This is the list of core and premium systems being shipped to BestBuy stores nationwide...the list is categorized by store find your Bestbuy store number visit and go to store locator. Pro means a premium pack and core means, well you can figure that out. Click read more for the full store number list, if the tinypic links get shut off, we have the images saved and we will post them locally. The grand total of systems shipped to BestBuy, cores and premiums together is around 42,200. My math was all done manually so if anyone wants to check it, please do. According to a distributor I talked to, the first shipment will be about 250k Premiums and 95k Cores in the US. I did not believe him but now that I see this, it just might be true. Maybe this shortage is real after all, or maybe a bunch of BestBuy stores are missing from the list. Good estimation tool though.
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