XBMC Skin Editor Beta v2.0
Date: Friday, November 11 @ 09:44:31 UTC
Topic: Xbox Dashboard

JimK released a new beta version of XBMC Skin Editor:

* Problems with setting not being loaded by XBMC because of caps
* Problem with texOffset and textoffset
* Text position on buttons :)
* Many others I found when fixing above
* Should no longer need the DLL
* Now loads strings.xml from folder or you can select your own(No more numbers for text) :)
* Load font.xml file to set the fonts ##-- Default will not work as it uses xpr files, Just use arial for now --##
* Export and import for controls
* Spinbuttons can now be moved around.
* Most of the controls are now viewable :)
* Shows samples of some colors
* Shows real date and time for those labels :)

I know the app resolution is a problem for some people but it will be some time before I decide what to do as I need atleast 720X576 just for the preview screen, and If I remove that than its not very usefull :(

I am uploading a sample of the PMIII home.xml as rendered by my app. This is not a photoshop created image! It is realtime editing with click and drag!

Please remember this is still in beta form! If you upload an xml file to your Xbox and the screen goes blank, just ftp the original over top and reboot and it should be fine.
If you enjoy the progress so far, please support me by sending those bug reports and suggestions for improvements :) "

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