G4 Covers Xbox 360 Launch
Date: Friday, November 11 @ 07:49:11 UTC
Topic: Xbox 360

G4 is preparing to cover an entertainment milestone -- the launch of the massively anticipated Xbox 360. As the only television broadcaster going live from four locations across the country, "Countdown to Xbox 360" will be the destination for viewers to get wall-to-wall Xbox 360 coverage. The groundbreaking 3.6 hours of dedicated Xbox 360 programming begins Monday, November 21, 2005, at 9:00 PM ET/6:00 PM PT on G4 -- videogame tv.

"We're celebrating this night like New Year's Eve, with a countdown that culminates when the sale of the first Xbox 360 is completed. G4 is ringing in the next generation of gaming with extensive live coverage that will take viewers out of their living rooms and into the excitement of launch events across the country," comments Peter M. Green, Senior Vice President, Programming & Production, G4.

"Gamers are anxiously awaiting the launch of the Xbox 360. It is a huge night in the history of video games and a momentous occasion for our viewers."
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