Super Mario War v1.6
Date: Wednesday, November 09 @ 11:22:38 UTC
Topic: Xbox Homebrew

' A new version of the homebrew game 'Super Mario War' has been released. '
What's new/fixed:
* Readme in HTML format
* Tournament Mode
* 7 new powerups: Hammer; Poison Mushroom; Slowdown clock; Bob-omb; POW Block; Bullet Bill Frenzy; Hammer

* Skins (and changed sprite structure for easier skin creation): Mario; Bahamut; Black Mage; Bub/Bob; Classic Mario; Kirby; Link; Luigi; Monty Mole; Ninji; Pig (FF1); Shyguy; Snifit; Tweeter; White Mage
* Background Music: Customizable using config files in the music directory
* Team Play
* Warping pipes
* 5 New Game Modes: Jail; Goomba; Race; Owned; Hammers
* Updated Game Modes: Tag - now you can transfer the tag by touching other players
* Added new options on menu: Scoreboard placement; Announcer voice; Team kill (friendly fire); Team colors (players on same team get same color); Screen crunch; Map over layer like chains and railings
* Different options for cloud eye candy
* Fixed top row collision problems
* Fixed general collision detection problems where players would end up inside blocks
* Improved performance
* New Maps (from 4matsy, j rok, nitsuja, ventuz and Xijar)
* New map layers (4 tile layers + 1 block layer)
* Out-of-bounds indicator and timer
* Exit confirmation box
* Better powerup collision detection (no bouncing off of thin air)
* Coins, powerup cards, eggs and yoshi move if not collected in time
* Improved AI
-Collects goal items like powerups and coins
-Avoids threats like fireballs and thwomps
-Attemps to avoid spikes (needs improvement)
* Improved spawn location performance
* Team colored fireballs/hammers
* Fixed player spawning under spikes
* Fixed CPU hogging (runs at 30% CPU on my 2ghz P4)
* Improved tools in the level editor
-Select eyecandy
-Select tiles and move them around
-Copy tiles and paste them
-Designate "no spawn" areas
* Adjustable music and sound volume
* Configurable respawn time

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