Halo 2 Mod: Exodus v1
Date: Tuesday, November 08 @ 11:01:47 UTC
Topic: Xbox Hacking

This Mod brings together two of the great modders of Halo 2 Zenon and Greennc in this Zanzibar mod Exodus, using the skin of Greennc's and Zenon's weapons and modding knowledge have come up with an outstanding mod
* Atmospheric lighting with a slight foggy haze
* Pelicans flying over, suffering plasma explosions with falling dissappearing bits to look more realistic and projectile collision (as in you shot it and you get an impact effect)
* Crashing Banshees spewing green plasma stuff
* Automatic Gate in new position
* The control panel for the gate still works as well as being automatic (in same location)
* Enormous fires on the beach and one in land, near some of the palm trees
+ so many weapons and scenery changes i have not listed

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