First 2 fans of 360 not human,they are in the powercord?!?!?!
Date: Monday, November 07 @ 09:22:20 UTC
Topic: Xbox 360

According to Famitsu, the Xbox 360's AC adaptor is the largest of any game console, with a length of 210 mm, width of 75 mm and height of 54 mm. The Japanese game magazine obtained an advance shipment of a limited edition Xbox 360 launch pack (retail approx $336), which included the console, a LAN cable, a D-terminal video cable, AC adapter, 20GB HD, Xbox 360 remote control, one wireless controller and a limited edition headset.

The adapter itself is roughly 85 percent in volume of the slim PS2 (850.5 cubic centimeters versus 978.9 cubic centimeters)--easily surpassing the size of the current-gen Xbox adapter.

According to Microsoft, the larger adapter is due to the higher electrical power consumption of the Xbox 360. The max power consumption of Microsoft's next-gen console is 254 watts--notably higher than the 200 watts for the Xbox and dwarfing the 45 watts for the PlayStation 2.

"The Xbox 360 has a triple-core CPU and an ATI graphics processor CPU--to have this running it requires a lot of power," Microsoft told Famitsu.

Interestingly, the adaptor purportedly has two fans inside, too. While Microsoft has yet to give official word on the final retail adapter for the North American version, the chances are high that the stateside Xbox 360 will also have a hefty AC adapter as well.


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