Xbox 360 Supply Watch
Date: Friday, November 04 @ 09:00:46 UTC
Topic: Xbox 360

More news from the retail front concerning the Xbox 360 shortages. I had an IM conversation with a Wal-Mart employee who broke down how that fine chain would be handling the big day:

*All stores are supposed to open at midnight to sell their limited supply of 360s and games.
*Specific store’s 360 supply will be dictated by corporate based on how their game sales are in general.
*Store supplies will likely be similar to what Target stores will be getting. (10 to 50)

*Only one 360 can be sold per a transaction.

On the gaming store front, Voodoo Extreme is reporting that EB Games is also facing “severe shortages.” An employee of an Arizona store told the site that they had more than 90 preorders but were expecting just 16 units, a number that seems to becoming the norm for shipments to anywhere but Best Buy.

Voodoo’s EB mole called around and discovered that the same was true at all of the local stores he called.
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