Xbox 360 prediction: lines, lines, lines
Date: Thursday, November 03 @ 11:04:00 UTC
Topic: Xbox 360

It’s not looking pretty for Xbox 360 availability for November 22nd, if various indications are to be believed.

First, we’ve got readers writing to tell us that store managers at Electronics Boutiques are calling them to bump them off of the first allocation of Xbox 360 pre-orders. Writes one reader:

This is something you might want to follow up on, but I just received a phone call from the EBGames store manager (Gainesville, FL) saying that the launch stock they were allocated is a LOT less than what they are now getting. Although I reserved with them over 6 months ago - even before there was an official MSRP - I was told that I didn’t make the list and would be on the second shipment.

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