XLink Kai Update: New Tools
Date: Thursday, November 03 @ 09:36:46 UTC
Topic: Xbox Gaming

We had an Orbital update which interrupted services for about three minutes while the mesh re-synced - hope we didn't scare you! :)

The update includes new tools for moderators to deal with abusive users directly through the Kai interface. Quarantine and Ban enable moderators to quickly isolate or remove players who are behaving inappropriately to help promote an enjoyable gaming experience for all.
As well, last night's update includes performance tweaks offering greater stability and improvements to the Persistent Authentication system.

We expect another Orbital update in the very near future which will include the WebSpec command set interface. This will allow future functionality to be instantly added to the Orbitals without needing to restart our services. WebSpec will usher in a new era of end-user features allowing players greater control of their game experience directly from the Kai interface.

Lastly, we'd like to introduce TX BugTracker, our new reporting center for technical issues and feature requests for all Team XLink projects. This allows an organized approach for developers, project managers, and end-users to remain up to date on the status of given issues while providing feedback and support.

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