Plays original / import / backup games from any region 2MB flash which can store a single 2MB flash or a mix of 256k,512k or 1MB BIOS files (Possible total of six combinations) Built in programmer, for sending flash files from PC to MOD. Flashing operations controlled by onboard HID compliant USB controller. Optional connectors with pre-prepared wire, for those that wish to connect the MOD by soldering Disable and Enable Switch, MOD status LED indicator and a Mini USB connector (for flash file transfer) on an external "control panel". Multi-Bios support Play all homebrew (emulators, media player, mp3, DivX.....) Auto-detect the Xbox version and region (NTSC, PAL) - doesn't worry which country you're in. All MODS packaged in anti-static bags for prevention of ESD damage. PC flash file transfer software included. Slick PC software G.U.I. allows easy interface to device Mini USB cable included. Colour coordinated PCB's High quality branded components Please note that the MODS are "flash free", the user chooses and programs the flash of their choice to the mod using the in-built USB programming system and included Mini-USB cable.