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Category: Main/Audio Tools

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This tool dumps all data tracks on a CD to ISO files, dumps all audio tracks on a CD to MP3 files, and creates a cue sheet with all the proper filenames.
Version: | Size: 188.35 Kb | Date: 01-Dec-2004 | Downloads: 1104

Codecs for XBox Media Center  Popular

All the codecs that are out to media center currently
Version: | Size: 3.65 MB | Date: 16-Sep-2004 | Downloads: 8899
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EkszBox-ABX v1.5 

What's new/fixed: * 28 formats supported. * Exclusive Hwx support (Star wars Episode III: Revenge Of The Sith). * Exclusive Lug support (Fable). * Exclusive Samp support (Namco Museum 50th Anniversary). * Exclusive Wxv support (Namco Museum 50th Anniversary). * Fsb Support (Flatout 2). * Mpk support (Dungeons & Dragons: Heroes, Mission Impossible: Operation Surma). * Pod support (BloodRayne 2). * Xbox Iso support (Thanks to Andrew de Quincey's Xbox Dvd Filesystem documentation). * PC version of Chronicles Of Riddick is now supported (Xwc/Swwc). * More robust Rws code; doesn't crash on Kill Switch, Mashed or Neighbours From Hell Rws's anymore. * Cleaned up Xwb code (Runs faster due to this). * Batch load/extract speedup (Up to 70% on small files). * Filelist load speedup (70-85%). * Improved error/incompatible file handling & memory allocation. * Added 'Cancel Batch' button; Cancels batch mode file extraction. * X360 Xwb header info is now byteswapped in assembly as opposed to C++ (50% faster). * Scx could miss very small files at the end of archives- fixed. * The following extensions are now supported: .pak - (OutRun 2006: Coast 2 Coast) & .dvdxwb/.hdxwb - (MechAssault 2) as pertaining files are standard Xwb's. * Last used Scx & fileSwap directories are now remembered. * Load file gui glitch fixed (partly). * Gui looks better in Win9x due to some changes. * Alot of code was rewritten, again. * Many little optimizations/fixes/tweaks. * Leftover debug map code removed. * Made the Kakuto Chojin Xct database entries better. * Added Xct database entries for BloodRayne 2 & Namco Museum 50th Anniversary.
Version: v1.5 | Size: 1.08 MB | Date: 13-Mar-2007 | Downloads: 1687
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EkszBox-ABX v1.6 

EkszBox-ABX is an audio extraction/injection tool which supports multiple xbox audio/container formats. EkszBox-ABX Main Features * The best extraction/injection tool for Xbox audio/container formats (Some Pc games are also supported). * 35 different formats are currently supported, many of which are exclusively supported by this program. * Supported formats: Adx, Afs, Arc, Bif, Big, DatRoller, Fsb, Gta5, Hot, Hwx, Lug, Map, Mpk, Msx, Pak, Pod, Piz, Rcf, Rez, Rfa, Rws, Samp, Stx, Sxb/Vxb, Sr, Wad, Wav, Wma, Wmapack, Wxv, Xsb, Xwb, Xwc/Swwc,Zsm/Zss, Zwb. * Xact/Xbox Wave Bank compatibility is more vast and robust than any other xwb extraction programs. * High quality & compatibility Stx, Rcf & Xwb audio file swap feature. * Adx files can be extracted from Afs files to uncompressed Pcm format. (Select Pcm from format list box) * Header-less Pcm & Xadpcm wav's have headers automatically created upon extraction. * SCX allows you to scan & extract Ogg, Wav, Wma & Xwb files from any unencrypted formats, and does so in some cases over 80 times faster than ^other programs, includes auto-buffer backtracking so no files are missed. ^ Dragon UnPACKer 5, Jaeder Naub & Game Audio Player. * Hybrid Mode: Supported files are scanned automatically with Scx (If deemed nessesary). * Batch mode file processing. * Tested & confirmed to work with archives over 1GB &/or containing over 10,000 files. * Comes with a custom database format (Xct) which contains song names/filenames for certain titles. * Supports file renaming & custom Xct database construction. * Loaded extension-less supported files are auto-renamed with correct file extension. * Drap & Drop support. * High performance & a reasonably small memory footprint. * No major known bugs. * No dll's, no registry entries & no .net runtime dependencies. * Written in C/C++.
Version: 1.6 | Size: 1.09 MB | Date: 04-May-2007 | Downloads: 1295
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EkszBox-ABX_v2.0 Released!! 

Kernel Master has just release a new version of EkszBox-ABX for the Xbox 1 Console. EkszBox-ABX is an audio extraction/conversion/injection tool which supports multiple xbox/xbox360 audio/container formats.What's new/fixed:* 40 formats supported.* Adf support (GTA: Vice City - PC ver).* Big support [Beta stage] (EA).* Cab support (Forza Motorsport).* Sh4 support (Silent Hill 4).* Wpx support (Capcom Vs SNK 2 EO).* X360 Xwc support (Darkness).* Improved X360 Xwb compatibility.* Fixed/Improved Fsb support- Full BioShock support (PC).* Folders contained in container formats are created (rfa, rcf, pod, piz, map, lug, cab).* Many different spec'd Wma's are now supported in Xwb FileSwap (mono/48/22.5khz etc.)* Hybrid mode SCX now always uses medium buffer size.* SCX now calculates Ogg filesizes based on frame info.* Built in media player which supports audio playback from most Xbox container game formats Plus support for: Mp3, Ogg^, Pcm, Wma, XbAdpcm, Asf, Avi, M2v^, Mpg, Mpeg, Wmv, M3u.* Media player playlist looping & loop region support.* Xbox Adpcm codec included: Installer can auto-install/auto-uninstall it.* List has been made virtual (Very fast).* Functional list item renaming.* New gui.* Easy window moving.* Fixed minimized extract dialog close glitch.* Files are now numbered according to the max number of files contained.* Exe file drop support.* Better drag & drop implementation (Inc. folder support).* New options inc. AutoSCX, AutoGui-Clear, AutoXpand, Show Hints.* Exe is no longer compressed (Slightly better general performance).* Renaming files has been improved, works properly with Scx now also. Put %n in rename files textbox for number, %a for archive name, %f for filename: e.g Music [%n] - (%a).* Certain Xwb info shown in gui (Looping/remove loop tail etc.) was not being read in release version- fixed.* Disabled fileswap (Menu) for X360 Xwb's, as they were never supported.* SpeedHack now sets nearly all status message pause times to zero.* Illegal filename characters are disabled from being entered.* 99 character text edit limit imposed.* Max path check upon file extraction.* Existing folder check & folder creation error checking.* Various more idiot protection mechanisms.* Removed a number of redundant options.* Fixed: FileSwap drag & drop bug.* Fixed: Main popup menu appearing when right clicking buttons/textboxes.* Fixed: Various error checking bugs.* Fixed: Minor memory leak contained in the extraction code.* Added BioShock (PC), Capcom Vs SNK 2 EO, GTA: Vice City (PC) to the Xct database.* Note: Don't use old settings files with newer versions as it may cause problems.
Version: v2.0 | Size: 944.12 Kb | Date: 14-Oct-2007 | Downloads: 2760
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Menu Music Adder for Halo 2 

This handy little tool lets you add music to your halo 2 main menu.
Version: | Size: 297.48 Kb | Date: 09-Feb-2006 | Downloads: 877

MP3 FAT-X Renamer 0.75b 

MP3 FAT-X Renamer 0.75b by CRP is a new Win32 application (coded in Delphi) which allow you to transfer (and synchronize) your MP3 collection from your computer to the Xbox's build-in hard drive. The program has a integrated FTP-client that connects directly to XBMP's integrated FTP-server and transfers all the files and folders you select, but what makes this program unique is that is auto re-names all MP3 files (and the folders they are in) on-the-fly during transfer making them compatible with the FAT-X* naming convention. The original MP3 files & folders remain untouched during this process. See the readme.txt for more information. (*Foot note: FAT-X, the Xbox file system only support 42 characters and do not support many foreign letters or odd characters (more info on this in the XBMP FAQ).
Version: 0.75b | Size: 705.86 Kb | Date: 26-Sep-2003 | Downloads: 1051
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MP3 FAT-X Renamer 0.8 alpha *updated* 

- freeze for 20 sec if there is no Server running
- seems to crash if transferring two files of the same name
- after an Error the next File also failed (should now fixed)
- have to reconnect after transferring to refresh the XBoX Folder tree
- FTP Delete dont work with EvoX

Version: | Size: 0 Bytes | Date: 26-Sep-2003 | Downloads: 481

Mp3ImageTagExtractor v1.2 

What's new/fixed:
- Added XBMC targetFile folder.jpg and targetDir #current, #parent support
- The Download requires Sun JDK 1.4.2

Version: 1.2 | Size: 778.14 Kb | Date: 20-Feb-2004 | Downloads: 230

Ottawa Senators 

Skin of the NHL team Ottawa Senators. Nice quality. Made using Photshop 7.0
Version: | Size: 590.88 Kb | Date: 27-Apr-2004 | Downloads: 59
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Jedi Outcast Academy SDK
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XBOX Save Resigner 2.2
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Ruxia 2018
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Most downloaded
Auto-Installer Deluxe v1.01 (VIP)
[Downloads: 138186 x]

C-Xbox Tool 2.0.5
[Downloads: 120289 x]

EvolutionX Dashboard Build 3935
[Downloads: 70254 x]

Surreal64 (N64 Emu)
[Downloads: 49927 x]

Surreal64 CEB5.52u1
[Downloads: 41562 x]

xboxhdm 1.9
[Downloads: 39493 x]

Extract-XISO Gui for Windows
[Downloads: 32906 x]

XisoManager v1.5.1
[Downloads: 31781 x]

Xbox-Hq Auto Installer Deluxe 2.11 FINAL (VIP ONLY)
[Downloads: 30616 x]

Auto-Installer Deluxe v1.0 Manual (PDF)
[Downloads: 28157 x]

Enigmah Xbox PAL-NTSC Video Selector
[Downloads: 26345 x]

EvoX Dashboard Build 3921
[Downloads: 24468 x]

IsoMaker v1.21
[Downloads: 22346 x]

XWB Extractor 1.1
[Downloads: 21277 x]

ConfigMagic Final Xbox v1.6 - Source
[Downloads: 18745 x]

Chimp v2.4
[Downloads: 18492 x]

Qwix 101
[Downloads: 18323 x]

PCSXbox (PS1 EMU) v11
[Downloads: 17053 x]

Qwix 1.01
[Downloads: 15904 x]

Softmod Installer Deluxe v5.11 Final
[Downloads: 15778 x]

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UnleashX V0.39.0528A
Chimp v2.6
Softmod Installer Deluxe v5.12 Final (SID5)
HuGoX v10
DaphneX v0.96 Beta
WCW Mayhem (PS1 ROM)
Final Burn Legends PGM ROMS-Number
Final Burn Legends PGM ROMs-G
Final Burn Legends PGM ROMS-E/F
Final Burn Legends PGM ROMS-D
Final Burn Legends PGM ROMS-C
Final Burn Legends PGM ROMS-B
Final Burn Legends PGM ROMS-A

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Auto Installer Deluxe 4.53 Part1of4
[Downloads: 11202 x]

Auto Installer Deluxe 4.53 Part2of4
[Downloads: 11149 x]

WinUAEX v18
[Downloads: 7621 x]

Auto Installer Deluxe 4.53 Lite
[Downloads: 7325 x]

Softmod Installer Deluxe v5.10 Final
[Downloads: 7214 x]

EvolutionX Dashboard Build 3935
[Downloads: 5546 x]

Auto Installer Deluxe 4.50 Final Part4of4
[Downloads: 5375 x]

Auto Installer Deluxe 4.50 Final Part 2 of 4
[Downloads: 5185 x]

Auto Installer Deluxe 4.50 Final Part 1of 4
[Downloads: 5181 x]

Auto Installer Deluxe 4.50 Final Part 3 of 4
[Downloads: 5174 x]

Atari 2600 Roms
[Downloads: 3981 x]

uaex v0.81
[Downloads: 3137 x]

WinUAE 0.9.91
[Downloads: 3135 x]

Auto-Installer Deluxe v3 (AID 3) - Torrent Link
[Downloads: 2978 x]

Evox M8+ BIOS
[Downloads: 2528 x]

tHc Autoinstaller
[Downloads: 2415 x]

Xecuter2 4983.67 Bios CD
[Downloads: 1815 x]

Xbox-Hq BIOS CD Pack v2.01
[Downloads: 1805 x]

[Downloads: 1782 x]

Evo-XXX Adult Skinpack
[Downloads: 1627 x]

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