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Post Posted: Sat May 13, 2017 7:36 pm   
Post subject: MS Dash missing settings & console reverse booting
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I have an NTSC born 1.1 box that I already properly installed four new RAM chips with. Don't worry I've done it before I know what I'm doing in the console memory department. Unfortunately I did not have the brains to address these problems beforehand.

The board when no D drive or HDD is plugged in plays the boot animation! With a solid green LED, and never loading the dash of course. So I can't really do the chip by chip black screen boot test for those of you who know of the RAM upgrade procedures. If you don't just look up the Original Xbox RAM upgrade tutorial by Floydzabarber on YouTube and watch around the middle of the video for the first chip test example.

That isn't a huge deal, that prevents me from doing the chip test but you don't need it, it is very helpful though. The real problem is when I connect the D drive and HDD, it does the chip test no drive boot mode! So I can't run anything off the optical or HDD! When it does the triple power cycle test with the drives in, the third LED pattern is orange green.

At first I thought it was a stock BIOS corruption issue, so I soldered a header on the LPC and slid two different chips on it. One with X2 4983 and one with some crap like M8-plus. Neither changed the boot patterns. I have tried different D drives with HDD's and the boot results don't vary.

This detail may be important. I noticed but never addressed the original M$ dashboard on the original HDD appeared to be corrupted. The dash was labelled as 5960, yet in the settings page, the only option were the aspect ratio options, like widescreen, letterbox, and whatever the other one was. So there was no option to allow anything over 480i res or digital and DTS
audio. It looks as if it may have always been like this though because when it shockingly plays the boot animation without any drive in, the picture is in black and white on component channels and cables. In color on composite. Could this have anything to do with the reverse booting?

I don't remember the box always booting like this, but it has been in storage long enough for me to forget it's exact behaviors. All I know for certain is at some point it booted normally at least once and I was able to see the dashes goofy qualities. Previous stability of boot unknown.

Is it the Conexant video encoder? If so I have plenty spares and equipment to remove this one and replace with a known flawless Conexant.

Then what of the dash settings missing?

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