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Catch up on everything Xbox including Homebrew, Emulators, Auto Installer Deluxe, Gaming, Xbox Live and Modding..

Original Xbox Download  Next Version of SID5 Babylon In Development for Xbox (Original Xbox) Original Xbox Downloads
Next Version of SID5 Babylon In Development for Xbox (Original Xbox)

Xbox Homebrew
SPPV announced yesterday that he is now looking for testers for the next version of SID5 Babylon, the auto installer for the Original Xbox designed to make the process of softmodding, install dashboards, flashing and emulators a snap.

Here's what SPPV had to say:
Well guys its getting close to XMAS and I thought a nice present (besides the SSH album you can get for free on my Mediafire) would be a new Babylon. A new direction, a totaly new mod(Ive been working it for close to 2 years now) and a completely new approach to the game.

Full chip support. Thats right FLASH SUPPORT!!!!! USB HDM support. And drum-roll please native SATA support for the HDM installer. Oh and I almost forgot, no CXBOX Tools, built in XISO maker-extractor.

So who's brave? Whos got the hardware and cahonies to test this bad boy? Alpha Build is 90% done, and I need testers. Like always testing for me comes with strings. No fly by night douche-bags. Serious and experienced members only. Losers looking for an early taste only WILL BE BANNED. I cant stress this enough guys, if you dont got the time, the ex, or the hardware dont put your name in the hat cause it will just mean I will have to ban you. And I dont like doing that.

This is aimed for a XMAS eve release so lets get on it.

If you haven't already checked out the SID5 Babylon by SPPV, you can download the complete package here.

Download SID5 Babylon: here
Xbox-HQ Forums: Babylon2-WIP.....TESTERS NEEDED"

Sunday, October 06 @ 03:39:03 CDT (1383 Page Views)
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published by: forahobby | Discuss in our Forums: here
Original Xbox Download  SID5 Babylon Installer - Only 2 More Weeks Original Xbox Downloads
SID5 Babylon Installer - Only 2 More Weeks

Xbox Homebrew
The future is almost here. Does the day after tomorrow ever come? Babylon says it does. In approximately two weeks time it WILL BE the future, it will be the day after tomorrow.

SID5 Babylon Xbox-HQ Installer

No matter what delivery system you are looking to use Babylon supports it.

Want to gamesave mod that XBOX? A simple click and Babylon will make you a USB that will do just that. AND give you the ability to install emulators, apps, various softmods before you ever pop that exploitable game out of the drive.

Want to hotswap mod or do an HDD upgrade? Babylon can do that too. 1 click and your on your way to a custom XBOXHDM installer disc. THAT YOU get to customise. Single boot, dual boot, boot XBMC with open button, apps and emus, you name it, and its got it.

Maybe your just looking for an installer disc to upgrade your softmod. Well Babylon has got you covered. No matter the previous mod. Krayzie/Kingroach Ndur, SID, UDE, UXE Babylon can nuke it and upgrade it. Plus all the extra goodies like emus with ROMs, Skins for various dashboards and apps.

Your DVD on the fritz or don't wanna waste a disc, well don't worry cause Babylon has got you there to. Simply rip the disc to F/Apps and it will run as an application with all the greatness of the DVD. No editing or file moving required.

Just getting into modding, well guess what we got you there too. With a screensaver tutorial explaining error screens a tutorial video on how to use Babylon available from the main menu, and loads of text tuts viewable on PC or XBOX.

Life is to short to worry about what others say cant be done, to go searching for compatible software and the like.

ALL SPPV installers and apps are designed to integrate with each other seamlessly. No more worrying if this will work with that guys mod. Babylon has been designed to kick that error sreen to the curb and eat those other builds for breakfeast.

So many updates sine the previous unofficial SID(5.12) and DJB's last official Xbox-HQ release(5.11) It blows the mind.

An emphasis has been placed on security and ease of use. Holes native to NKPatcher have been plugged.

Back doors to recovery added and Shadow C Security has evolved since its debut with XBMC Installer and is back and better than ever.

A little eye candy to wet the appetite if you aren't already jawing.

REMEMBER MAY 30TH IS THE FUTURE.AND ITS ONLY AT XBOX-HQ. THE GREATEST XBOX MOD SITE ON THE NET For the full skinny see here, and remember for all things SID, all things SPPV, come to the source, come to XBOX-HQ!!!!!

Xbox-HQ Forums: here
Official Site: www.xbox-hq.com"

Friday, May 17 @ 02:57:33 CDT (4565 Page Views)
(comments? | Score: 4.8)
published by: SPPV | Discuss in our Forums: here
Original Xbox Download  Resident Evil6-Now On XBOX1 Kinda Original Xbox Downloads
Resident Evil6-Now On XBOX1 Kinda

Xbox Homebrew
Since there is a new Resident Evil coming out soon I figured Id make a skin for it.Now you can have Resident Evil6 on your XBOX, kinda.

With a pic background and embedded video window with full audio, this skin takes it to the next level. Much time was put in to make this happen and now its here at XBOX-HQ for you.

You can download Resident Evil6 1.2 Skin right here

Download: here

Friday, July 20 @ 15:09:38 CDT (1392 Page Views)
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published by: patto | Discuss in our Forums: here
Original Xbox Download  SID5 Pimped V7- Now Available Original Xbox Downloads
SID5 Pimped V7- Now Available

Xbox Homebrew
SID5 Pimped V7 - All right guys the newest SID5 Pimped is now here and it's got a schwack of improvements.

Changes Include
  • Can now be read by an XBOX
  • No Boot Disc required
  • Installs apps and emus with ROMS during default install
  • Roms are included for FCEUltra, Mednafenx PCE, Genesis, SMSPlusX & Zsnes PCSXBOX, N64 and XBOyAdvance are also installed
  • Choice between UnleashX and XBMC as dash with default install
  • Newest available T3CH XBMC is included
  • Switching from UnleashX to XBMC is as easy as moving XBMC from Apps to the root of E and replacing config.xml, items.xml, evoxdash.xbe with the files in the XBMC as Dash folder on E
  • Install file size shrank by over 400Mb compared to previous Pimped editions
  • Includes extra skins for Evox and Ava
  • Evox or Ava can be installed via Xbrowser, Xboxhd or via V7 disc on your XBOX
  • Everything is included to switch which dash is installed by default in just a couple of seconds
  • Failsafe V3 is included for problem builds
Default Install

End Result


Learn more about Pimped here Pimped V7

Monday, October 24 @ 08:48:58 CDT (4846 Page Views)
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published by: patto | Discuss in our Forums: here
Original Xbox Download  Mupen64-360 Nintendo 64 emulator for Xbox 360 Original Xbox Downloads
Mupen64-360 Nintendo 64 emulator for Xbox 360

Xbox Homebrew
Mupen64-360, a Nintendo 64 (N64) emulator for homebrew enabled Xbox 360 consoles, is now available.

This emulator uses libxenon, the free/legal library for XBOX360 homebrew and it's a port of Wii64 (which is a port of Mupen64).

- v0.96 Beta: First binary release

- Wii64 / Mupen64 teams (guess why :)
- GliGli (Xbox 360 port)
- Ced2911 (GUI library)
- Razkar (Backgrounds)
- Everyone that contributed to libxenon...

360-HQ Download:: here
360-HQ Homebrew: Mupen64-360
Official Site: libxenon.org

Saturday, September 24 @ 21:25:52 CDT (7500 Page Views)
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published by: DJB | Discuss in our Forums: here
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   Saturday, August 27
 XBMC Spoof Disc- August Release
 published by: patto | Page Views: 1600 | Comments: 0

   Tuesday, August 02
 XBMC Spoof Disc- July 28 Build
 published by: sppv | Page Views: 1876 | Comments: 0

   Wednesday, July 27
 XBMC Installer Deluxe v1.47 Update Pack is Re
 published by: DJB | Page Views: 4633 | Comments: 0

   Tuesday, May 24
 XBMC Installer Deluxe v1.46 is Released
 published by: DJB | Page Views: 20279 | Comments: 0

   Saturday, April 16
 Auto-Installer Deluxe v4.53 Full/Lite is Rele
 published by: DJB | Page Views: 33771 | Comments: 0

   Monday, April 11
 XBMC Installer Deluxe v1.45 Update Pack is Re
 published by: DJB | Page Views: 1556 | Comments: 0

   Monday, February 07
 XBMC Installer Deluxe v1.44 Update Pack Relea
 published by: DJB | Page Views: 1876 | Comments: 0

   Monday, December 06
 XBMC Installer Deluxe v1.43 is Released
 published by: DJB | Page Views: 2786 | Comments: 0

   Saturday, October 09
 XBMC Installer Deluxe v1.42 Update Pack is Re
 published by: DJB | Page Views: 1329 | Comments: 0

   Thursday, August 19
 Softmod Installer Deluxe v5.11 Final and XBMC
 published by: DJB | Page Views: 22514 | Comments: 0

   Monday, July 05
 XBMC Installer Deluxe v1.40 is Released
 published by: DJB | Page Views: 4357 | Comments: 0

   Saturday, June 05
 XBMC Installer Deluxe v1.31 Update Pack Relea
 published by: DJB | Page Views: 1411 | Comments: 0

   Friday, May 07
 Auto-Installer Deluxe v4.52 is Released
 published by: DJB | Page Views: 5348 | Comments: 0

   Friday, April 30
 XBMC Installer Deluxe v1.30 is Released
 published by: DJB | Page Views: 2614 | Comments: 0

   Tuesday, February 02
 XBMC Installer Deluxe for Windows v1.0 and HQ
 published by: DJB | Page Views: 1495 | Comments: 0

   Sunday, November 08
 XBMCID v1.11 Update Pack and AID v4.51 Update
 published by: DJB | Page Views: 3816 | Comments: 0

   Monday, August 31
 XBMC Installer Deluxe v1.10 is Released
 published by: DJB | Page Views: 3242 | Comments: 0

   Wednesday, August 19
 Xecuter xDrive 360 running modified firmware?
 published by: forahobby | Page Views: 3459 | Comments: 0

   Thursday, June 25
 XBMC Installer Deluxe v1.01 Update Pack is Re
 published by: DJB | Page Views: 1853 | Comments: 0

   Monday, May 11
 XBMC Installer Deluxe v1.0 has been released
 published by: DJB | Page Views: 4081 | Comments: 0

   Wednesday, April 15
 Auto-Installer Deluxe v4.50 Final is Released
 published by: DJB | Page Views: 10153 | Comments: 0

   Monday, March 30
 NES Advantage modded wireless 360 controller
 published by: forahobby | Page Views: 1683 | Comments: 0

   Saturday, February 21
 Auto-Installer Deluxe v4.41 Update Pack is Re
 published by: DJB | Page Views: 2762 | Comments: 0

   Wednesday, December 10
 Auto-Installer Deluxe v4.40 is Released
 published by: DJB | Page Views: 6552 | Comments: 0

   Wednesday, October 01
 Auto-Installer Deluxe v4.31 Update Pack is Re
 published by: DJB | Page Views: 3097 | Comments: 0

   Thursday, July 03
 Auto-Installer Deluxe v4.30 is Released
 published by: DJB | Page Views: 3686 | Comments: 0

   Wednesday, July 02
 Auto-Installer Deluxe v4.30 Lite is Released
 published by: DJB | Page Views: 2723 | Comments: 0

   Monday, June 30
 XBPartitioner Version 1.1 Released!
 published by: forahobby | Page Views: 13846 | Comments: 0

   Monday, May 05
 Auto-Installer Deluxe v4.21 Update Pack is Re
 published by: DJB | Page Views: 2855 | Comments: 0

   Sunday, April 20
 Unreal Tournament 3 Gives Best Mods To 360
 published by: wes213 | Page Views: 1752 | Comments: 0

   Monday, March 10
 Auto-Installer Deluxe v4.20 is Released
 published by: DJB | Page Views: 4204 | Comments: 0

   Tuesday, January 15
 Auto-Installer Deluxe v4.13 Update Pack is Re
 published by: DJB | Page Views: 2297 | Comments: 0

   Wednesday, November 14
 New AID-SID-PSPID Bit Torrent Online
 published by: DJB | Page Views: 1300 | Comments: 0

   Tuesday, October 30
 Theme Browser revision 43 released
 published by: N1mrod | Page Views: 1245 | Comments: 0

   Monday, October 22
 Auto-Installer Deluxe v4.12 Update Pack is Re
 published by: DJB | Page Views: 2797 | Comments: 0
 Black Market`s XBMC Theme Browser Released
 published by: patto | Page Views: 5419 | Comments: 0

   Sunday, October 14
 EkszBox-ABX v2.0 Released!
 published by: forahobby | Page Views: 5483 | Comments: 0

   Monday, September 17
 Auto-Installer Deluxe v4.11 Update Pack is Re
 published by: DJB | Page Views: 1948 | Comments: 0

   Thursday, August 30
 EkszBox-ForzaMod v1.1 has been released!
 published by: forahobby | Page Views: 3781 | Comments: 0

   Tuesday, August 14
 Auto-Installer Deluxe v4.10 and Auto-Installe
 published by: DJB | Page Views: 5118 | Comments: 0

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