Halo Cache Editor v0.5 and HCE Customizer v1.6 B2 *updated*
Date: Wednesday, December 24 @ 20:11:47 CST
Topic: Xbox Hacking

' HCE will allow you to edit your cache files directly on your xbox without the need of a pc '
Whats New/Fixed:
-Totally recoded the program so its much much more stable now ;)
-Reading of custom ini files (unlimited pages/items)
-All PAL/NTSC/GER singleplayer and multiplayer levels
-Skin selection (use HCEC to create your own skins)
-Background files (jpg, bmp, png)
-Start Halo after you edited your cache files

A new version of HCE Customizer has also been released:
-fixed: ini loading
-fixed: many small bug fixes
-added: .bmp,.jpg, and .png BG importing (to be finished soon)
-fixed: adjusted preview size, now 75% of real size (all objects)

Official Site: n/a (HCE by XBOX War3z & NikeJustDoItOk?) (HCE Customizer by raz0r (aka mastertito4) & CLuis)

Download HCE: Xbox Hq Direct Connect Hub
Download HCE Customizer: here
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