Halo Cache Editor v0.3
Date: Sunday, August 17 @ 08:40:40 CDT
Topic: Xbox Trainers

'XBOX War3z' released a new version of Halo Cache Editor(info) :
What's New:
+ redid bin file
+ added pages, now max 10 pages and 17 items per page
+ switching items between page

+ this isn't so good working as before, so better keep v0.2 too ;)
+ don't use duplicate items unders different pages (eg Weapon.Pistol and Projectile.Pistol)
+ best results are with clear cache files

Official Site: http://users.pandora.be/-_X_-/
Download: Xbox-Hq DC Hub (built with XDK)
News-Source: http://xbins.org

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