Maps for HCE Alpha *updated*
Date: Friday, August 15 @ 07:04:12 CDT
Topic: Xbox Trainers

Kennelbound made bin files to add support of more Maps in XBOXWar3z' "Halo Cache Editor" (HCE):
I've finished the NTSC maps. I've tested most of them but a couple may have errors (did them at like 2 in the morning last night.) I also modified the existing bloodgulch.bin file so that the order of items is consistent throughout the files.

The program also supports the singleplayer missions. These files are also included. Just unzip the attached file into your HCE folder and thats it.

File Download updated:
I renamed the Turrets to a DNC or Do Not Change. If you tried to use them in the single player missions (the only ones that they were available for) it hung the xbox.

Official Site: n/a, by Kennelbound
Official Site HCE:
Download Addition Map Support: here

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