Halo Cache Editor v0.1 alpha
Date: Wednesday, August 13 @ 05:45:23 CDT
Topic: Xbox Trainers

Another Halo .map editor, but this one works directly on the Xbox.

From 'XBOX War3z':
Allows you to edit your halo cache files directly from the xbox.
- For NTSC remove region.cfg or put NTSC in it.
- For PAL put region.cfg in same folder as xbe (and PAL in file).
- START will launch F:GamesHalodefault.xbe. you can change this by adding file halo.cfg which contains:
DRIVE (eg: E)
FOLDER (eg: GamesHalo)
XBE (eg: default.xbe)

only bloodgulch is supported yet.
be sure to press Y (to save cache) before launchin Halo.
if no cache is found it'll automaticly start Halo.

Info and Pictures: http://users.pandora.be/-_X_-/
Official Site: http://xcover.xodus-chip.com
Download: Xbox-Hq DC Hub

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